The former officers' mess

The restaurant Casino in the upper castle courtyard.

The most beautiful terrace in Koblenz!

The beer garden with views over the Deutsches Eck and the region.

Relaxation. Culture. Enjoyment.

Discover Ehrenbreitstein Fortress using the Koblenz Cable Car.

Permission to film and take photographs

When is permission to film and take photographs required? Permission is required to film or take photographs in all buildings and cable car cabins as well as on the Koblenz Cable Car premises. This does not apply to films and photographs taken for private, non-commercial purposes.

What does a permit to film / photograph cost? A permit to film is generally issued free of charge to schoolchildren, students and persons performing the work as part of their training. Filming and photography can only take place during our official opening times. Depending on the location, filming and taking photographs may be subject to a “shooting fee” payable to the City of Koblenz, which is enforced by the cable car company and charged by the city authorities.

How do I obtain a filming permit? The Koblenz Cable Car is responsible for issuing filming permits. Contact must be made in advance by e-mail in order to clarify whether filming or photographing can be permitted. Alternatively, you can complete the form attached below and return it to us. Your request must indicate the place and time and contain a detailed description of the scene. Students and schoolchildren need to include a copy of their confirmation of enrolment or student ID card.

What needs to be considered when filming? As a matter of principle, all scenes with racist or sexist content and scenes harmful to the image of the Koblenz Cable Car will be rejected. Content directed against religions or specific groups of people will not be accepted. Scenes endangering the safety of passengers and staff will also be excluded. This also applies to films and photographs taken for private, non-commercial purposes.

How long in advance must I submit a request? 7 working days before the start of shooting.

GYou are welcome to make use of our image gallery. Please note when making use of images that the copyright belongs to Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH. Images should be credited as follows: Copyright by Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH. 

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