The former officers' mess

The restaurant Casino in the upper castle courtyard.

The most beautiful terrace in Koblenz!

The beer garden with views over the Deutsches Eck and the region.

Relaxation. Culture. Enjoyment.

Discover Ehrenbreitstein Fortress using the Koblenz Cable Car.

Facts and figures

Lower station
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer / close to the Basilica St. Castor
Upper station
  • Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
Manufactured by
  • Doppelmayr Gruppe, Wolfurt, Austria
  • Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH
  • Werner Sobek Engineering & Design Stuttgart
Cable Car system
  • 3S – three-wire cable car: use of two suspension cables in each direction an one hauling cable
Electric motor
  • 1300 hp; energy-efficient, electric operation
Weight of suspension cable
  • 17 tonnes each
Diameter of suspension cable
  • 54 mm
  • 18 cabins
  • Cabin no. 17: glass plate in cabin floor
  • Cabin no. 18: public transport
  • Floor level access
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles
  • Seats facing the window
  • Panoramic view
Weight of one cabin
  • 3,5 Tonnen (inkl. Laufwerk)
Cableway length
  • 890 m
Height difference
  • 112 m
Free span over the Rhine
  • 850 m
Width of Rhine at this point
  • 287 m
Transportation capacity
  • 7,600 passengers per hour in both directions
  • 16 km/h (4.5 m/s)
Construction time
  • 14 months
Volume of investment
  • € 13 million
  • Highest transportation capacity per hour for an aerial cable car in Germany
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