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    Overcome the 112 metres' height difference floating in one of our panoramic cabins

Annual season ticket. One ticket. 1000 adventures.

Our combined annual season ticket means you can enjoy the Cable Car and fortress on 365 days a year: travel as often as you wish and visit the exhibition buildings in the fortress, stroll through the extensive grounds and enjoy the view and the breathtaking panorama.

The annual season ticket also includes admission to the major events held in the fortress:

  • Festungsleuchten
  • Historienspiele
  • Landpartie
  • Horizonte
  • Gauklerfest
  • JazzNight

Annual season ticket combined

Adults 119,00 € from the 01.01.2019 129,00€
Adults at reduced rate 114,00 € from the 01.01.2019 124,00€
Children 49,00 € from the 01.01.2019 53,00€
Schoolchildren, students, trainess 55,00 € from the 01.01.2019 59,00€

Annual season ticket Cable Car

Adults 109,00 € from the 01.01.2019 115,00€
Adults at reduced rate 104,00 € from the 01.01.2019 109,00€
Children 43,00 € from the 01.01.2019 46,00€
Schoolchildren, students, trainees 49,00 € from the 01.01.2019 55,00€
Dogs / Bicycles 45,00 € from the 01.01.2019 50,00€

Annual season ticket Fortress

Adults 43,00 €
Adults at reduced rate 41,00 €
Children 24,00 €
Schoolchildren, students, trainees 33,00 €

Adults: pensioners with identification, disabled persons with identification • recipients of type II unemployment benefit and other types of basic income • Children: ages 7 - 17 • Schoolchildren, students, trainees with identification, persons performing youth or federal voluntary service with identification • Groups of children and schoolchildren: two accompanying adults free of charge.

Annual season ticket
a) The annual season ticket for the Cable Car allows multiple journeys with Koblenz Cable Car during official operating hours and for all public events even outside official operating hours as publicised. Closed-off areas and events organised by third parties are excluded.
b) The annual season ticket for the fortress allows free admission to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress during opening times subject to admission charges and to events organised by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage in Rhineland Palatinate. Closed-off areas and events organised by third parties are excluded.
c) Combined annual season ticket: a combination of a) annual season ticket for Cable Car and b) annual season ticket for fortress.

The annual season ticket is issued to a named person and it is not transferable. By using Koblenz Cable Car you enter into a contract of transportation with Skyglide Event Deutschland GmbH, Inselgraben 6/II, 88131 Lindau. The valid Terms and Conditions of Transportation can be viewed at all ticket offices and on the Internet at www.seilbahn-koblenz.de/befoerderungsbedingungen . A fee of € 5,- will be charged for reissuing a lost or damaged annual season ticket. All prices are gross prices and include 7% VAT.