The former officers' mess

The restaurant Casino in the upper castle courtyard.

The most beautiful terrace in Koblenz!

The beer garden with views over the Deutsches Eck and the region.

Relaxation. Culture. Enjoyment.

Discover Ehrenbreitstein Fortress using the Koblenz Cable Car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cabin has the glass floor?

Cabin 17 has a glass plate in the middle of the floor.

Are dogs allowed to travel by cable car?

Dogs are also allowed to travel by cable car. A day ticket for a dog costs € 2.20.
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in the outdoor areas of the fortress but are not allowed into the exhibition rooms.

Is wheelchair use possible in the cable car?

Koblenz Cable Car offers full accessibility. The cabins can be halted briefly to allow people to board and alight. There is sufficient space for an electric wheelchair in cabin 18.

Where can I purchase an annual season ticket?

You can obtain an annual season ticket for Ehrenbreitstein Fortress from the entrance building during normal opening times.
You can purchase an annual season ticket for the cable car from the ticket offices at the lower and upper stations during operating hours, and from the cable car office, Rheinstrasse 6 in 56068 Koblenz, from 9 am – 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

You can obtain a combined annual season ticket from all the above-mentioned ticket offices.

What events are included in the annual season ticket?

The combined fortress and cable car ticket includes the following events:

  • Fortress illuminations
  • Historic re-enactments
  • Country outing
  • JazzNight
  • Horizonte musical festival
  • Juggler festival
  • SWR family festival
Which events are subject to special charges?

Special prices are charged for the following events. Regular day tickets are not valid on these days.

  • Historic re-enactments
  • Country outing
  • Horizonte music festival
  • Juggler festival
  • SWR familiy festival
How often does the cable car run?

The cable car runs permanently during normal operating hours, with cabins entering the stations every minute or so.

How many people can a cabin accommodate?

A cabin can accommodate up to 35 people.

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